By Andreea Mihaescu

The disruption of traditional liquid yogurt

In this interview, we had the opportunity to present Yogoody's values of accessibility and sustainability, and continuous commitment to innovation.
We express our sincere gratitude to Marta Leite Castro for the opportunity to share our passion for nutrition and our product on such an impactful platform, N360.

The conversation started on the innovation of how Yogoody developed a revolutionary drinkable yogurt formula. With the simple addition of water, it becomes a rich drink in:

1. yogurt cultures;

2. prebiotics (fibre);

3. probiotics;

4. proteins;

5. high nutritional value;

6. feeling of satiety.

The rest of the interview focuses on accessibility and sustainability. Yogoody is affordable, does not require refrigeration and has a long shelf life, making it an ideal choice for both consumers and retailers. The recent recognition of the '2023 Auchan Product Innovation Award' reflects our commitment to excellence and continuous pursuit of innovation.

Link to full interview 🇵🇹:


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