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  • Yogoody + Trio Pack
  • Yogoody + Trio Pack
  • Yogoody + Trio Pack

Yogoody + Trio Pack

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Yogoody+ is a functional shake with millions of probiotic yogurt cultures and prebiotic fibres.

It´s a perfect complement for anyone looking for a quality drinkable snack that´s easy to carry and to prepare and has full flavour, zero sugars and it´s naturally low in fat.

It is also a great ally when having antibiotics since it will protect your intestinal flora and bring it back to health quicker.

Just add 200ml of cold water with the included shaker and you have a delicious functional shake.


This TRIO Pack includes:

3 Unidoses of Yogoody+ Protein of the flavour of your choice.

Flavours Available: Strawberry | or | Vanilla

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  • “I am not usually one to review products, but this one really has was above my expectation. It´s hard to find low fat products that taste good, and this one is!”

    Julia, Lisbon

    May 08,2021

  • “I love the strawberries bits in the Original Yog. It´s my go to snack in the office and when I am out of the house.”

    Maria, Oporto

    June 05, 2022

  • “I really enjoy the taste of the Banana Protein. It´s easy to prepare and the texture is spot on.”

    Brenda, London

    April 12, 2020

  • “I am lactose intolorante and I love the Vegan Vanilla one. It really helps balance my diet and it´s easy to carry and prepare wherever I am.”

    Shannon, Brighton

    May 14, 2023

  • “I love the way I feel satisfied with this yog, without needed to wating anything else for a while.”

    Paul, Kingston Upon Thames

    Jan 09, 2022