Influencer 2ªMonth - Standard Pack + Shaker

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Our Influencer Pack 2nd Month + Shaker includes great tasting Yogs from the all ranges. 

Get your daily probiotics and promote your gut health, deliciously with a rich and indulgent yog. Yogoody is low fat, yet it will make you feel full and satisfied, Great for on the go.

Our Pack includes:

3x Yogoody Shake Original Strawberry
2x Yogoody Shake Original Wild Berries
3x Yogoody Shake Original Vanilla
2x Yogoody Shake Protein Banana
2x Yogoody Shake Protein Caffè Latte
2x Yogoody Shake Vegan Vanilla
2x Yogoody Shake Vegan Strawberry

1x Shaker 

Just mix 200 ml of cold water in the shaker and you’re ready to enjoy a smooth plant based and lactose free shake. Also, get your daily probiotics and promote your gut health, deliciously. Rich and indulgent, Yogoody will make you feel full and satisfied for long time. Great for on the go. 

  • Billions of yogurt cultures 
  • Real strawberries
  • Low fat
  • High fibre
  • High Vitamin C
  • No artificial sweeteners or colorants 
  • No preservatives or artificial flavours 
  • Gluten free
  • Vegetarian
  • Non GMO

Just mix 200 ml of cold water and Yogoody in the shaker and you’re ready to enjoy a fresh and smooth yog, anywhere you go. Did you know that by providing Yogoody Shake in a powder form, we preserve all the vitamins, gut health bacteria and all the good stuff in it´s best form until you are ready to drink it anywhere?!

Our important contribution to our planet NO REFRIGERATION Needed, reduction of CO2 LONG SHELF LIFE, reduction of Food Waste PACKAGING WASTE REDUTION

Please note: The pack is limited to 1 pack, per user.  Additionally, if you don't want any of these flavors or if you have an intolerance, please indicate in the notes when placing the order, so that we can handle the situation in the best possible way.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Fátima Martínez

    Un producto versátil, fácil y rápido de preparar que puedes llevar a todos lados y no necesita conservación en frío. Además, está muy rico!
    Añadiría más sabores en versión sin lactosa/vegana como el de café.

    What our

    tribe has

    to say

    • “I am not usually one to review products, but this one really has was above my expectation. It´s hard to find low fat products that taste good, and this one is!”

      Julia, Lisbon

      May 08,2021

    • “I love the strawberries bits in the Original Yog. It´s my go to snack in the office and when I am out of the house.”

      Maria, Oporto

      June 05, 2022

    • “I really enjoy the taste of the Banana Protein. It´s easy to prepare and the texture is spot on.”

      Brenda, London

      April 12, 2020

    • “I am lactose intolorante and I love the Vegan Vanilla one. It really helps balance my diet and it´s easy to carry and prepare wherever I am.”

      Shannon, Brighton

      May 14, 2023

    • “I love the way I feel satisfied with this yog, without needed to wating anything else for a while.”

      Paul, Kingston Upon Thames

      Jan 09, 2022