Yogoody´s story started with one question…“how is it possible that it doesn't exist yet?”

the search for a healthy alternative

Anabela, Yogoody´s founder, has always been passionate about healthy eating and sustainability. Her passion led her to look for more sustainable and natural solutions in the dairy industry.

Our founder was looking for a yogurt solution that was freeze dried, that could remove the need for refrigeration from a big part of the process, and that had all the gut healthy bacteria in a single serve portion. And this is how everything began. A mission of making nutritious food available to more people and strongly reducing food waste.

1.2.3. innovate

Innovation specialists in the dairy industry were hired to create a new product that includes all the above criteria with the best ingredients, yet had to be very tasty and great to drink or eat! It took over a year to have our first 1.2.3 YOG.

After extensive formula changes and market research, Yogoody created the first brand 1.2.3 YOG, the liquid Yog(urt) that has all the healthy yogurt bacteria, doesn't need refrigeration, comes in single packs and… tastes great!

 Anabela´s dream is for Yogoody to be available to people that care about the environment and are looking for delicious and healthy solutions of Dairy and Non Dairy YOG(urt)S.