• mousse, wild berry recipe, overnight oats, easy cooking, probiotic cookies

    Wild Berries Mousse

    Fancy a refreshing berry mousse that is rich in vitamin C, folate, and phosphorus? Our nutritionist, Marcia, shared a very quick and easy recipe that takes only 6 ingredients!
  • Blueberry Vanilla Smoothie

    Blueberry Vanilla Smoothie

    Enrich your smoothies with Yogoody’s powders, for an even more satisfying meal.  The Plant-based vanilla drinkable snack has a nutty almond-like flavour that pairs well with berries and vanilla. Try it out! Serves: 1 smoothie Preparation + Cooking time: 10 min...

  • Healthy Baked oatmeal cups

    Healthy Baked oatmeal cups

    Looking for on-the-go snacks? These baked oatmeal cups are a healthy and convenient alternative to your Yogoody shake! Filled with fibre-rich oats, fruits and one 1.2.3 YOG Original for extra protein and flavour. Ingredients: 2 ripe bananas (160 g), mashed (1)...

  • protein bites, protein food, high in protein, low sugar, probiotic cookies, peanut butter recipes

    Peanut butter and Banana Energy Bites

    These peanut butter banana energy bites with chopped chocolate, and enriched with the 1.2.3 YOG Protein powder, are a delicious and filling snack. Ingredients: 1 medium banana (80 g), mashed¼ cup (60 g) peanut butter1 sachet 1.2.3 YOG Protein Banana8...