By Andreea Mihaescu

Fitness Pralines

Great snack for pre or post workout shared by Dr. Gabriella Fugazzotto! These pralines are perfectly balanced because they contain carbohydrates and good fats which will provide you with a prolonged satiety and optimize the muscular mass. 

- 2 spoons of coconut flour
- 1 spoon of oat flakes
- 1 teaspoon of carob pulp flour
- 2 spoons of rice malt
- 1 spoon of sesame cream
- 1 sachet Yogoody+ Strawberry flavour

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until you obtain a homogeneous consistency. Once everything is mixed, remove it from the bowl and make a ball with the mixture. Cut into pieces and then sprinkle with cocoa to taste.


Yogoody+ is much more than a drinkable yogurt: it is a real nutraceutical for your intestines and your well-being. It contains 15g of proteins per sachet, lactic cultures and fiber, and it's comfortable to carry with you in your handbag. It's also gluten-free and no sugars added.

Recipe created by Dr. Gabriella Fugazzotto (IG: drfugazzotto).

Full recipe here


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