By Andreea Mihaescu

Joining forces to combat food insecurity

At YOGOODY, we are heading towards a bigger positive social impact. That is to promote the good health and well-being of as many people as possible. We can make this possible through our sustainable production practices and food consumption, commitment to using natural ingredients and raising awareness of food waste reduction. 

With that in mind, it was very clear to us that with the available product we had left in the US, we had to find a way to make a positive social impact locally rather than ship it back to Portugal (our home base). Our team did a bit of research and ended up reaching to a food bank that gladly accepted our products to distribute them to the local community. 

Feeding South Florida is on a mission to end hunger in South Florida. Their services reach almost 700.000 families in their service area, who are in a daily state of food insecurity. There is a great dedication and stewardship in making food available every day, through hundreds of volunteers, donors and trucks (500 pick ups per day!) that ensure the efficiency and fast turnaround across their network.

We spoke with Chuck Woods, who taught us about his team's integrity and compassion towards everyone struggling to make ends meet every single day, whether it is school supplies, medicine or education, in the favour of a healthy diet. As Chuck stated "there is no color to food insecurity!", and this resonated with us a lot as we are aiming to provide healthy food options to anyone in need. 

To summarise our impact: 

  • we donated 315 pounds of food;
  • reached more than 250 beneficiaries;
  • through YOGOODY shakes, we provided a much needed source of protein, that is otherwise very expensive to procure and detrimental to a balanced nutrition. 

We will continue to support local and international organisations to put an end to hunger and more. 

Learn more about what is happening in their community here



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