By Andreea Mihaescu

A Gut Feeling by FoodBev Media

We are pleased to be included in the 74th edition of the FoodBev Media magazine, featuring the most important food and beverage industry news. In the article, FoodBev highlights how manufacturers develop innovative prebiotic-powdered products to promote and improve consumers' gut health. 

Along with other manufacturers, Yogoody recognises the importance of gut health and constant innovation in the area of prebiotics. 

Key takeaways of the article:

1) Prioritizing food and beverages that support gut health is vital for overall wellbeing. 
These choices will aid your digestion, boost your immune system and enhance your nutrient absorption.
2) A balanced gut microbiome positively influences mental health and reduces inflammation.
It prevents digestive disorders and reduces the risk of conditions like obesity and cardiovascular diseases.
3) Each person’s gut has its own unique mix of trillions of microorganisms. 
That's why we react differently to things.
4) Intense exercise, stress and dietary habits can lead to gut discomfort that affects sports performance.
Around 86% of athletes experience gastrointestinal issues linked to stressors like training and competition.


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