• Welcome Pack - 1.2.3. YOG Vegan Strawberry and Vanilla Shakes (10 x 30g sachets + FREE shaker)
  • Welcome Pack - 1.2.3. YOG Vegan Strawberry and Vanilla Shakes (10 x 30g sachets + FREE shaker)
  • Welcome Pack - 1.2.3. YOG Vegan Strawberry and Vanilla Shakes (10 x 30g sachets + FREE shaker)
  • Welcome Pack - 1.2.3. YOG Vegan Strawberry and Vanilla Shakes (10 x 30g sachets + FREE shaker)

Welcome Pack - 1.2.3. YOG Vegan Strawberry and Vanilla Shakes (10 x 30g sachets + FREE shaker)

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This Pack Includes:

  • 5x Yogoody 1.2.3.YOG Vegan Vanilla 
  • 5x Yogoody 1.2.3.YOG Vegan Strawberry 🍓
  • FREE Shaker

Just Add 200 Ml Of Cold Water In The Shaker And You’re Ready To Enjoy A Great Tasting YOG.

  • Billions Of Yogurt Cultures 
  • Real Strawberries
  • Low Fat
  • High Fibre
  • High Vitamin C
  • No Artificial Sweeteners Or Colorants 
  • No Preservatives Or Artificial Flavours  
  • Wheat Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Non GMO
    • Real Yogurt Cultures

    • Wheat-free

    • Less than 1.5g fat per serving

    • Vegan

    • Non-GMO

    • For gut health

      Enjoy flavoursome probiotic shakes from the comfort of home

    • Fuel your workouts

      Power up on probiotics in between your workouts

    • Stay vegan

      Shake and take this vegan probiotic drink wherever you go

    Full of Good Gut Health bacteria

    Packed with:

    ✹ Prebiotics
    ✹ 2 yogurt cultures

    POWDER that doesn't lose its nutritional power

    We use a process that preserves the fruit's flavour and nutritional content, so even though it's in a powder format, you're still getting the nutrients you want

    How it works

    • Step 1

      Pour powder into shaker

    • Step 2

      Add water to shaker

    • Step 3

      Shake and drink!

    Stuck deciding what product is right for you?

    Product Name

    1.2.3 Yog



    What is it?



    Vitamin supplement

    Best for

    Everyday use

    Promoting gut health

    Better sleep, immunity, vitality

    # of probiotics




    When to use it?

    Meal replacement or snack

    Meal replacement or snack

    See specific product

    • Nutrition

      Contains stable yogurt cultures, probiotics and fibre
    • Convenience

      You can consume it anytime anywhere, no need to refrigerate
    • Sustainability

      Long shelf-life of 1 year

    Customer Reviews

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    to say

    • “I am not usually one to review products, but this one really has was above my expectation. It´s hard to find low fat products that taste good, and this one is!”

      Julia, Lisbon

      May 08,2021

    • “I love the strawberries bits in the Original Yog. It´s my go to snack in the office and when I am out of the house.”

      Maria, Oporto

      June 05, 2022

    • “I really enjoy the taste of the Banana Protein. It´s easy to prepare and the texture is spot on.”

      Brenda, London

      April 12, 2020

    • “I am lactose intolorante and I love the Vegan Vanilla one. It really helps balance my diet and it´s easy to carry and prepare wherever I am.”

      Shannon, Brighton

      May 14, 2023

    • “I love the way I feel satisfied with this yog, without needed to wating anything else for a while.”

      Paul, Kingston Upon Thames

      Jan 09, 2022


    Find the most frequently asked questions below.

    All the fruit and live bacterial cultures used in 1.2.3 YOG are freeze dried. This removes water through the sublimation while preserving all the nutritional contents of the fruits.

    It also removes the need for refrigeration and enables portability.

    To produce Yogurt, milk is fermented with a naturally occurring bacteria, which makes the milk curdle and creates the creamy texture and tangy flavor of yogurt.

    The yogurt bacteria helps balance the live bacterias our intestinal tract have. And it has been proven that “Gut Health impacts our overall health influencing not only the digestive system but also our immune and cardiovascular system, metabolism, skin and brain.”

    In the Original and Protein ranges we use: Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus

    In the Vegan range we use:Streptococcus Thermophilus and Bifidubacterium lactis.

    Yes. The whole range of Yogoody is Gluten Free.

    Yes. In the Strawberry and Banana products you might feel small pieces of fruit. We only include 100% natural fruit in our products.

    We don't use Cane Sugar.

    The Original and Vegan range use Agave Syrup to reach the desired sweetness.

    The Protein range uses sucralose, since it´s a 0% calorie form of sugar.

    Because there is no need for refrigeration. During its entire  life cycle, 1.2.3.Yog can be preserved at room temperature. Since we are transporting at your house or retailers, when you keep it  home or take it with you anywere. The quality of our ingredients and also having freeze drying ingredients, each pouch can preserve the powder at room temperature. 

    Because it has a long shelf life. As our Yogurt Cultures and Vegan Cultures are freeze dried,  they are able to preserve longer time.

    We advise the product to be kept at room temperature preferably below 26C, away from direct light or sun, to maintain all the great nutritional product benefits.

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