By Anabela Ferreira

Protein Banana Muffins

Baking season is upon us! Daniela shared her special banana muffins recipe, and it's a splendour! 


1 sachet 1.2.3 YOG Protein Banana

1 banana

1 egg

200ml water

200g oat flakes

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon


  1. Pre-heat the oven at 180ºC.

  2. Mashed 1 banana and set aside.

  3. Prepare 1 1.2.3 YOG Protein Banana sachet in 200ml of water.

  4. Mix the mashed banana and the Yogoody mixture in a bowl.

  5. Add 1 egg, oat flakes, and cinnamon.

  6. Distribute the mixture into molds and bake at 180 ºC until golden on the top. 

Note: you can add chocolate chips to the mixture for a perfect dessert!

Recipe created by Daniela Serdoura (IG: @trenguices)

Full recipe here





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